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Helping You Transition Clients' 529 Plans to the Brokerage Platform

Issue 25, 2013

Pershing currently allows 529 college savings plan accounts (for CollegeAmerica® plans managed by American Funds®) to be held on the brokerage platform. Now, we are making it more seamless for you to transition clients’ directly held 529 plan assets.

Our 529 Plan Account Transition Kit, available via the Material Catalog of NetX360®, provides a complete package of information that simplifies the process of transferring assets to the brokerage platform. All required forms are included, and a customizable instruction page helps clients understand the information contained within the kit. A writable PDF is available here and a supply can be ordered via the Material Catalog, using fulfillment code ECKIT-PER-529-1-13.

The kit is ideal for advisors who:

  • Have participated in an automated 529 plan account conversion with Pershing’s Asset Consolidation team and wish to transfer 529 plan accounts not included in the conversion event(s)
  • Wish to consolidate client 529 plan accounts to the brokerage platform, but a firm-wide initiative has not yet been planned
  • Are building their practice and seek to expedite growth through consolidated client assets

Pershing's Asset Consolidation team is ready to assist your asset consolidation efforts by providing best practices, marketing support, sample letters and more. In addition to 529 college savings plans, materials and processes have been created to transition mutual fund assets and link clients’ annuity contract information to their brokerage accounts.

If you have questions regarding the new 529 Plan Account Transition Kit or require additional information regarding asset consolidation, please contact the Asset Consolidation team through your home office.

For Professional Use Only.

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