Closing the e-Delivery Gap: The 2013 e-Delivery Survey

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

Changing the traditional paper-based behaviors of advisors and investors remains a challenge. Discover useful, actionable data and analysis to increase e-delivery adoption.

Investor Trends in Technology

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

This paper looks at the attitudes of several key demographics of investors towards technology, and explores how advisors can make the right choices to serve those key demographics.

Mobile Applications in Financial Services: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

Mobile computing options have grown exponentially over the past few years, creating new opportunities for deeper advisor/client relationships. However, mobile computing offers hurdles to overcome as well. This paper addresses the trends driving the mobile revolution in investment and wealth management and best practices for success.

Becoming a Stronger Wealth Manager

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

For advisors looking for new ways to grow their business, this practical, solutions-packed guidebook provides the tools to become the "go to" people for their investors' comprehensive financial and investment needs.

Destination RIA: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Audience: RIA

Destination RIA: What to Expect and How to Prepare is a new independent study published by Pershing Advisor Solutions and produced by FA Insight. It provides wirehouse advisors with a thorough review of the independent registered investment advisor (RIA) model and sets expectations for the experience of working as an RIA.

A Guide to Technology Outsourcing for Hedge Funds

Audience: Prime Brokerage

For hedge funds, technology is undergoing a dramatic transformation—from basic infrastructure to a competitive differentiator. New tools are helping managers attract investors with stable, scalable processes even as they implement increasingly complex strategies.