Pershing BNY Mellon

Women and Investing
Women and Investing - Website

We developed a dedicated landing page on, optimized for registrations and collateral downloads. Collective efforts drove nearly 8,000 visits to the page during the campaign timeframe.

Women and Investing Video

The video provides interesting facts found in the content-rich collateral piece, encouraging viewers to download and learn more.

Women and Investing - Collateral

The Women Are Not a 'Niche' Market guidebook drove greater awareness of Pershing’s practice management offering and image as a thought leader.

E-mail and Direct Mail

Targeted e-mail and direct mail helped drive 370+ registrants—bringing the department 20% closer to its yearly KPI objective.

Search Engine Marketing & Social Media

SEM programs through Google and Bing created strong advertising weight in market, with nearly 2MM impressions.
Wide-spread organic buzz was generated from social media sources with over 100+ tweets and a potential reach of over 124K people.

Public Relations

We organized a media roundtable, which resulted in 10 placements of earned media coverage with pickup of the news in nine other publications. Potential reach of 5.2MM Americans.