Self-Directed Broker-Dealers

Self-Directed Broker-Dealers

Today, your business is running in a fast-paced race. Competition is accelerating, investors demand more institutional-strength tools, and technology and compliance costs keep rising.

Turn to Pershing for support. We helped pioneer the self-directed broker-dealer business, building the technology infrastructure behind many of the industry's leading players. Today we continue to lead the industry, counting more than a dozen online brokerage platforms among our customers. You can leverage our unparalleled expertise and investments in technology to help keep your firm competitive in the marketplace.

How We Support Self-Directed Broker-Dealers

  • State-of-the-art connectivity linking your customers, platforms, and the markets
  • Efficient workflow and straight-through processing
  • NetX360™, our customizable investor web site, offering real-time account information and market data
  • Self-directed investor intelligence tools and resources
  • Proven expertise in regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting, including our proprietary The Rules Engine™
  • Cutting-edge disaster recovery and business continuity resources

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