Operational Support

Operational Support

For almost 75 years, many of Wall Street's leading names have turned to Pershing for reliable, cost-effective securities services. You can have confidence in our proven track record, our time-tested technology, and the hands-on experience of our knowledgeable professionals. As the industry's leading provider of clearing solutions, we bring unqualified commitment to delivering exceptional operational support. We can help you outsource costly procedures, satisfy more demanding clients, and grow your business with confidence. Our scale enables us to invest in an extensive service model designed to deliver maximum support—offering integrated, multilingual, multicurrency capabilities, including clearing, execution, settlement, custody, reporting, and trading services.

Operational Support Services

  • Asset Consolidation - Realize the benefits of consolidating mutual fund positions, 529 plan accounts and annuity policy information through Pershing's brokerage platform
  • Clearing and Settlement Services - Gain one-stop access to a complete range of multicurrency capabilities
  • Compliance Tools - Manage regulatory risk with comprehensive resources and support
  • Custody Services - Securely manage financial assets in more than 65 markets worldwide
  • Billing and Reporting Services - Produce clear, effective client brokerage account statements while streamlining billing and record keeping

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