Direct Brokerage Services

Direct Brokerage Services

In an age of increased competition, Pershing's Direct Brokerage Services provides innovative middle-office solutions for start-up and mid-size broker-dealers. We give you access to Pershing's extensive operations and administrative resources, while also allowing maximum control over your expenses. You will receive our highest level of personalized service, delivered in a way that minimizes your need for expensive equipment and personnel. You will have the ability to:

  • Increase profitability through our variable cost approach
  • Remain competitive by leveraging our technology
  • Develop a strategic relationship

We offer an array of products and services—often with reduced minimums and setup costs—to provide your investment professionals and their clients with the solutions they need.

Variable Cost Approach
We let your firm take advantage of traditional clearing firm benefits to more efficiently utilize your resources. Because you pay for services as you use them, the majority of your operational costs are variable rather than fixed. Keeping variable costs in check is especially critical during periods of expansion. We can help you focus on profitability as your business acquires more assets, and help you identify the point at which it makes sense to investment in infrastructure.

Leveraging Technology
Providing investor information online no longer offers a competitive edge—it is a business necessity. We offer you connectivity via the Internet for technology solutions. Depending on the options you choose, these powerful resources can give you, your investment professionals, and your clients online access to trades, positions, balances, and account history, as well as market research and quote information.

A Strategic Relationship
Your mission is two-fold: attracting investment professionals and gathering assets. Achieving your goals requires the right investment tools and vehicles. We can help you succeed by assisting you with the operational end of the business, so you can concentrate on developing relationships. You can count on us for top-quality trade executions and clearing. You will also enjoy access to managed account programs, a full range of retirement products, and an asset management account. Our team can help you assemble the right product offerings for your market niche. Of course, user-friendly brokerage account statements and timely trade confirmations are standard issue.


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